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Keynote Restaurateur Speaker


Some of my favorite topics: creating a mental health informed workplace, personal productivity & time management, effective leadership, team building, entrepreneurship, sustainability, the hospitality industry

“It’s always about the people — no matter how big or small your company is.”

A Playbook: Mental Health in the Workplace

As the leader of over 1,200 employees, I have learned that mental wellness is not only essential to the health of individuals, but for the success of companies as well. We have worked to create a mental health informed workplace, and I am sharing the whys, the lessons, and the steps to do the same in your business. You can watch my full keynote at the 2023 Annual Conscious Capitalism Conference.

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"You are losing money by not addressing mental health."

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"Leadership is all about making relationships."

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Whether you’re looking to improve your personal leadership skills or enhance the performance of your organization, I have the tools and experience to empower you and your team to achieve your goals. These topics are a weekly focus of my business seminar at The George Washington University and various keynotes over the years. You can watch my keynote to the graduating class of GWU's MBA program or check out my talk on leadership at the Signature CEO Conference at the link below.

Personal Productivity & Time Management

If you can't effectively manage your time, you can't win in business. It's that simple. I regularly speak at conferences, talk on podcasts, and teach courses in personal productivity and time management for teams in my restaurants and for other companies. I have developed a personal productivity map that helps individuals define and prioritize their "all" to be more able to focus on what matters most and become more efficient (and happier!) in their work and life.

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"I think of time management as the athleticism of business."


"Dan Simons is a revelation as a keynote speaker. I watched him captivate and energize the room at the Conscious Capitalism Summit in Austin with a mix of wisdom, honesty, and an infectious passion. He has this uncanny ability to connect with every person in the room. His appearance on my Rule Breaker Investing podcast mirrored this — a blend of vulnerability, and fervor that's as rare as it is enlightening. Dan doesn’t just speak; he transforms conversations and leaves audiences both elevated and inspired."
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