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Personal Productivity Map

You don’t actually want to have it all. You want to have your all. But for many, it can feel nearly impossible to get to the good stuff, the work and fun that really make us truly happy.

To illustrate that process, I have developed my Personal Productivity Map.

Having "your ALL” requires a methodical process of defining and ranking what matters to you most and being realistic about your time, how much you have and how you spend it.

My Personal Productivity Map has been developing for over a decade, as I have been learning about and teaching time management and personal productivity to a diverse range of people from our team at my restaurant company to students at George Washington University to my friends and family. It combines teachings I have admired from Stephen Covey and Laura Vanderkam, as well as my own lessons and tricks.

Posted below (in PDF so you can download and review more closely), my Personal Productivity Map illustrates a process of sifting through our lives. It provides a clear strategy to examine the awesome parts and the stuff that gets in the way, learning about ourselves and how we spend our time and even how we understand time. The map helps us work to prioritize and calendarize, so we can spend more time on the stuff that really matters – the most important and rewarding parts – and less time wasting what many have called our most valuable commodity.

See what you think. Let me know how it works for you.

I hope my Personal Productivity Map helps you navigate a path where you get to have YOUR ALL and a life with no regrets.


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