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Humanity, Equality, Justice

This is the story of 2020 for me and some of what I talk about in the video embedded below (around minute 38:00) from a recent virtual conference hosted by Conscious Capitalism. It's my great hope that the lasting story of 2020 is about people and what we do differently going forward. It's inspiring to me, because I know that business is a wildly powerful force for good when conscious capitalism is the lens, the foundation of how to do business, and when profits are a wonderful means to an end, not the end in themselves. Give the video a watch to hear how conscious capitalism has served us and continues to serve us as we move through the pandemic. I joined several others in and around the hospitality industry, including: Karen Sammon, CEO, Next7Gens; Kathy Hollinger, President and CEO, Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington; and Fred LeFranc, CEO and Chaos Strategist, Results Thru Strategy.


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