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Everything Every Good Business Person Ever Needed to Know They Could Learn from Farmers

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

I grew up on the East Coast, have lived on the West Coast and in Texas, and have visited plenty of places in the Midwest, but my experience with farmers was anecdotal at best, and pretty much dominated by stereotypes. 

What I have come to find out, from having farmers as business partners for the past 10+ years, is that sometimes stereotypes are true and, in the case of farmers, that’s kinda nice.

Here's my list of what I have learned (so far) from my farmer partners:

  • Your word is your bond.

  • It’s about the handshake, not the contract.

  • Have zero tolerance for BS.

  • Don’t complain about the weather (or anything else you can’t control). 

  • In fact, stop whining and just do the work. 

  • Life is all about family, this generation and the next.

  • Your purpose may require profit, but don’t make your purpose all about profit.

  • Develop strength, toughness, and grit but don’t lose the tender touch that can still handle seedlings.

Pretty good life list, right?  

I am thankful my real experiences with real farmers have shown me that the stereotypes I was harboring were pretty accurate. And, that they are great life lessons worth modeling.


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