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A Discussion on Restaurant Work with The Aspen Institute

Last week, I was invited to join The Aspen Institute discussion, Open to Good Jobs: Now is the Time to Improving Equity and Job Quality in Restaurant Work. Check it out below.

Hosted by Maureen Conway, Vice President of The Aspen Institute and Executive Director of Economic Opportunities Program, other panelists included: Nikki M.G. Cole, National Policy Campaign Director, One Fair Wage; Saru Jayaraman, President, One Fair Wage and Director, Food Labor Research Center, University of California, Berkeley; and Mutale Kanyanta, Owner, LOCALS Food.

The Aspen Institute indicated the goal of our conversation was to discuss "ideas for business practices, public policies, and partnerships, including an innovative public/private effort that’s addressing the interests that workers, small business owners, and communities all share in a thriving restaurant sector."

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