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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Now has got to be the time.  

That thing that has been bothering you for a while, maybe a long while, that thing you just sorta tolerate: the stiff ankle, your periodic little limp, the pain in your hip... You just accept it and press on, and just kinda ignore it.  

Or maybe it’s deeper. 

That secret gnawing at you, the lost relationship with someone close, that underlying feeling of sadness or anxiety that you just can’t shake. But, you push on. You convince yourself it doesn’t affect you, that it’s no big deal.   

But… if you pause and really take a moment, you know that you’re kidding yourself. You know you need to deal with it. You know it really does matter.

Do it. The time is NOW. Let’s stop ignoring stuff. Let’s stop sweeping it under the rug. Let’s stop pretending to be okay when we’re not. Let’s stop feigning fine.

What’s making me think that “now” is something that needs to be said and written about now? Not a week goes by that I don’t have a convo with at least one of our 1,500 employees where “now” is part of the solution to a significant problem. Treating the symptoms is futile; discovering, owning, and addressing the cause is where the magic happens.

Now has got to be the time.

Take care of yourself, now. Your whole self. Your body. Your mind. Your mental health. Make the call, schedule the appointment, take that first step.  

You deserve to solve the ache, the limp, the pain, the burden. And you can.


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